How to Make the Most of a Trade Show Digital Kiosk

trade show digital kiosk

A trade show digital kiosk offers an opportunity to showcase your products and services to a captive audience. These displays are perfect for promoting your products and services through video content. They can also be used for customer testimonials. You can display rotating reviews and short soundbites of real people’s experiences. Trade shows can be noisy environments. Still, you can give your booth exhibit visual appeal. Here are some tips:

Create a dynamic and visually arresting trade show booth experience

Rather than trying to sell to your target audience by cramming everything in a single booth, build a high-tech, interactive rest stop with comfortable chairs and a coffee table. You can also install a kiosk with AC power outlets and USB ports, or even a small, mobile phone-compatible kiosk. You can even connect the kiosk with a concierge connection for tips on what to do after the trade show.

A touch screen display can be highly interactive. It can showcase brand graphics, text, and other visuals while incentivizing attendees to complete a business goal. Incorporating giveaway codes, hidden prizes, or fun activities will encourage attendees to take action. This interactive element encourages them to interact with your booth and consider its installation. This makes the booth more memorable for attendees.

Promote your products with video content

Using videos on a trade show digital kiosk can be an effective way to engage with booth visitors, educate attendees, and boost booth traffic. These videos can be played on a variety of different types of trade show displays, such as video walls. Videos are particularly effective because they can provide a narrative about your brand. They can also be used to provide instructions or other information to booth staff. To make the most of your video kiosk, consider using relevant keywords and phrases to optimize your videos.

When using videos on a trade show digital kiosk, remember that consumers tend to gravitate to video content, particularly if it’s engaging. Moreover, videos can be an educational tool for attendees and can be used as a follow-up email. While it’s recommended to use videos at a trade show, they should be kept short and low-volume, so attendees can easily read the spoken word.

Create a flexible booth design

If you’re looking to stand out at a trade show, consider creating a flexible booth design for your digital kiosk. The flexibility of this type of exhibit is vital if you want to attract visitors and convert them into customers. A flexible design helps you achieve this goal with minimal effort and cost. For instance, if your booth includes a number of different digital screens, you may need a flexible booth design with adjustable heights. Alternatively, you could design a booth that has different seating arrangements, making it possible to display different elements for a variety of visitors.

If your exhibit is large and your staff can’t handle the size, you can opt for a smaller booth design that is less rigid. One great option is to use items from your stockroom to create a more flexible booth design. A small display can be made from cardboard and is reusable. Then, you can add a digital kiosk to the top of the display. Alternatively, you can incorporate a custom picture frame or custom filters for your social media accounts.

Find a reliable vendor

An iPad kiosk at a trade show can be the perfect solution for collecting leads for follow-up. Its on-spot social app allows visitors to input their details and download email addresses. It can even be used offline! These are just some of the advantages of an iPad kiosk at a trade show. Learn more about iPad kiosks and how they can boost your business. Find a reliable vendor for trade show digital kiosks by reading on.

A trade show organizer might have rules about the music that is allowed at their event. If they do, it’s hard for salespeople to talk while listening to a band. Choosing music wisely is a crucial part of digital trade show marketing. Use music that draws in a crowd, but ensure that salespeople are trained to keep their attention long after the performance. Google had a huge presence at CES 2018 with its “Google Village” featuring a giant gumball machine and helter-skelter, but these options are out of most organizations’ budgets.

Create a social media campaign for your trade show digital kiosk

Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to connect with mass audiences. The majority of the world owns at least one account on at least one social network, and more than one billion people log into YouTube each month. Because most of these users sign in multiple times a day, they can provide businesses with an extremely valuable tool for marketing and advertising. Using social media as a tool for marketing at trade shows can help exhibitors better target their advertising to specific demographics and provide real-time feedback.

While you might think that leveraging social media at a trade show will only benefit your booth, you must remember that proper planning and execution are crucial. Besides, a social media campaign can help you drive traffic to your booth and brand long after the trade show is over. Here are some social media tips for digital kiosks: