Where to Find Animal Communication Workshop Series in Clark Quay SG

where to find animal communication workshop

If you love animals, this course will teach you how to communicate telepathically with them. It is ideal for animal trainers, pet sitters, veterinarians and groomers who specialize in working with pets as well.

This workshop in Clark Quay SG is led by an Animal Communication specialist who emphasizes respect and kindness towards animals. It takes place in the safe, caring environment of Spring Farm CARES.

Tactile Communication

Join us as we discover the mysterious world of animal communication through a workshop series designed to expand your skills and trust within this marvelous art form. Learn how to form more harmonious relationships with all the animals under your care, use communication to improve training techniques or alter behavior issues and support both personal and animal healing!

Susan has developed this online course to offer animal lovers tried-and-tested steps they can easily take to enter into an entirely new level of spiritual communion with animals, both living and dead alike. You’ll learn to communicate more freely with both your own companion animals as well as those living or passed over; gain clarity into their emotions and perspectives; provide better care and optimal support in their lives.

Visual Communication

By using images and symbols for communication purposes, this form makes information simpler for recipients to understand. Furthermore, it enables more effective dialogue across cultures and linguistic backgrounds.

Animal communication should be learned from teachers with integrity and experience. At Nancy Windheart Animal Communication Academy, they offer a Professional Animal Communicator training program by invitation/application only.

Susan’s classes provide you with the tools necessary to tap into your natural intuition in order to telepathically connect with animals both living and deceased. These classes are great for anyone wanting to deepen their relationship with their pets as well as veterinarians, veterinary nurses, trainers, groomers, shelter workers and others who work directly with animals. Susan is a pioneer of interspecies telepathic communication and the founder of Two Bear Healing Arts in Valley Cottage New York as well as being an author and publisher of Species Link magazine which awards publications.

Emotional Communication

This teleworkshop will teach you to hear and interpret animal emotions in an objective, non-woo-woo manner. Perfect for animal lovers wanting to communicate telepathically with their own animal family members; shelter/rescue workers/veterinarians/trainers as well as anyone wanting to assist animals (pet sitters/dog walkers/horse trainers etc).

Beginning Core Foundations Heart Communication Self Study Course offers simple steps that every animal lover can use to easily communicate with any of the animals in their life. The training provides inner healing work and intuition development lessons; there are expert live coaching classes for Club members; ongoing monthly training to deepen knowledge; as well as curriculum materials needed for becoming professional animal communicators or teaching animal communication professionally.

Sound Communication

If you want to expand your knowledge of interspecies communication and deepen the connections you share with animals in your life, this course is for you! Discover an easy and proven method every animal lover can utilize when communicating with their favorite species!

Discover how to hear the voice and receive their messages telepathically from your animal family members, while sharing in their feelings, senses and thoughts together rather than from a separate human viewpoint.

This beginner level class will introduce the fundamentals of animal communication and provide practical strategies for practicing with any animals in your family, either living or passed. EFT may help quiet the mind, promote emotional healing and reduce anxiety as well as increase telepathic connections with animal messages. Classes will take place at Spring Farm CARES Sanctuary where one of Dawn Hayman’s pioneering efforts in interspecies communication resided.