The Benefits of Rugged Touch Screen Monitors in Argyle Georgia

No matter whether you work in the service industry, construction site, medical facility or naval base – touchscreen technology in your devices must be rugged enough to withstand harsh working environments and conditions in Argyle Georgia.

LumiBond 2.0 from Getac is one of the latest innovations in rugged touch screens, effectively eliminating an air gap between LCD and touchscreen layers by optically bonding them together.


No matter whether they’re used in military, coal mining, manufacturing or retail industries – rugged touchscreen LCD monitors and displays play an essential part in performing critical business functions. They must withstand both physical and environmental stresses encountered within each work environment they must serve effectively.

Getac’s LumiBond 2.0 technology uses optical bonding technology to optically bind these layers together with clear resin, effectively creating what functions like one piece of glass that offers numerous benefits.

One advantage is making the screen significantly brighter for comfortable viewing in direct sunlight, while another benefit is having higher water and dust tolerance than most consumer tablets without cases – these features can be vitally important when working in warehouses, distribution centers and vehicles where spills happen frequently, as well as workers doing safety checklists or checking manuals in extreme weather conditions such as sun, rain and wind.


Rugged touch screen equipment used in any industrial or retail setting or military base requires reliable access to vital information – whether that be product catalogues, reference manuals or encyclopaedias – in order for businesses to function efficiently.

Rugged devices are specifically engineered to withstand challenging work environments and conditions without sacrificing usability. Equipped with barcode scanning capabilities, these devices enable employees to easily scan data real-time – thus improving operational efficiency and increasing productivity.

Getac’s LumiBond 2.0 technology eliminates the gap between touchscreen and LCD layers by optically bonding them together, increasing touchscreen accuracy by eliminating ghost touches and ensuring inputs register properly, protecting LCD layers from dust or liquid ingress and creating an ultra-durable touch screen that stands up against even harsh environments – perfect for demanding work environments!


Rugged touchscreen equipment is used across numerous industries. Police and firemen need a tablet capable of displaying blueprints while they huddle; surveyors who work outdoors need an all-weather device; warehouse/logistic workers require devices capable of withstanding shock from falling three feet onto concrete floors; while food processing workers hose down their equipment before use.

Industrial touchscreen monitors are widely utilized in mining and drilling operations as they facilitate video input for businesses to maximize efficiency. Furthermore, ruggedized consumer devices offer greater dust and water resistance, helping reduce repair and replacement costs as well as downtime. Rugged touchscreen LCD monitors are easy to clean and sanitize for patient and healthcare provider safety; additionally they can withstand vibrations during transportation, improving route planning and shortening delivery times.


Rugged touchscreen monitors have become an indispensable asset to mining and drilling operations, helping businesses achieve improved efficiency and safety. Not only do these devices facilitate real-time data visualization and analysis capabilities, they also facilitate seamless workflows and remote monitoring capabilities that benefit workers on site.

Operating in dusty environments in Argyle Georgia necessitates using equipment with superior environmental resistance, to keep its functionality under trying circumstances. Selecting a monitor with dustproof casing helps prevent debris infiltration into its inner components, providing for continuous operation while prolonging its lifespan.

Industrial touch screens should also feature reliable input capabilities when used by wet or gloved hands, to enable maximum usability with various materials and increase security. Some industrial displays come equipped with LumiBond 2.0 which eliminates air gaps between touchscreen and LCD backlight layer by optically bonding them together.