Giant Eagle Dry Cleaners in Pittsburgh, PA

dry cleaners in giant eagle

Whether you’re in need of a dry cleaning service or you just want to get your clothes cleaned, you’ll find the best dry cleaners in giant eagle GIANT EAGLE DRY CLEANING in Pittsburgh, PA is the perfect place to go. Located in Cranberry Township, PA, the company provides the best customer service. Open eight days a week, they accept Drop-N-Go bags. The location also offers free shipping for your convenience.

Giant Eagle Dry Cleaning is a local dry cleaning service that has been in business for three years. Their machines use 25,000 pounds of dry ice and are able to clean even the most delicate garments. These cleaners are also family owned and offer many in-store services, such as grocery delivery. Their location in Monongahela, Pennsylvania, is located at 1300 Country Club Road. You can find grocery and pharmacy services here, as well as a deli.

Located at Fisher Heights Giant Eagle, this dry cleaner has been serving the community for three years. The Giant Eagle dry cleaning facility has 25,000 pounds of dry ice, which makes them one of the largest in the area. These machines are also able to clean denim, sued clothing, and more. The store is owned by the Giant Eagle Company, and is owned by DFS Cleaners.

In October of 1999, DFS Cleaners, a dry cleaning company based in Ohio, entered into a license agreement with Sew Clean Drycleaners. The agreement involved the cleaning of clothing for the Giant Eagle Supermarket in Pittsburgh. In late October of that year, an employee of the local power company caused a power surge which damaged the electric dry cleaning equipment at the store. The company was unable to meet their contractual obligations for a short period of time, so DFS Cleaners terminated the license agreement with the company. The lawsuit is centered on the Giant Eagle, but does not name the company.

In addition to their dry cleaning services, Giant Eagle is also home to a number of other conveniences. The store is located at 1300 Country Club Road, Monongahela, Pennsylvania, and is home to a pharmacy and a deli. Moreover, they offer grocery delivery and online ordering services. They can also take care of your dry cleaning needs. If you’re in need of a dry cleaner, giant eagle has you covered.

The Giant Eagle dry cleaners in Pittsburgh have been in business for three years. The company is owned by the same family that owns DFS Cleaners. It also offers grocery delivery and online grocery ordering. The store is located at 1300 Country Club Road, Monongahela, Pennsylvania. They also have a pharmacy and a deli. You’ll find them near the stores in the same mall.