Types of Industrial Tablet PCs

An industrial tablet PC is an ideal solution for industrial settings with rough and rugged environments. These ruggedized devices feature a permanently installed control panel and a TPM 2.0 module for security. Many models have built-in data capture and communication capabilities. Some are even equipped with an optional external monitor. There are many different types of industrial tablet PCs, and it is important to understand which one is right for you. Listed below are some of the most popular options for industrial uses.

industrial tablet pc

The Simatic ITP1000 industrial tablet PC is a rugged device that is designed for maintenance work, location-related service information, and remote access to plants. Its capabilities include mechatronics simulation, energy consumption, and flow measurement. It is designed for applications involving mobile assembly stations, order-picking scales, and driverless transportation systems. The Simatic ITP1000 also supports SmartAccess to panels and operator control.

The Rugged X10 is a rugged tablet PC that is designed specifically for industrial environments. The Rugged X10 features a high-performance Intel i5/i7 processor, up to 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. It can be configured with Windows 7, 10, IoT, and Linux operating systems. It also includes a front and rear facing webcam for video communication. A durable case with a lockable lid makes this device easy to transport.

For industrial environments, the faytech industrial tablet PC is the ultimate touch solution. Whether you need a hand-held device or a mounted pc, the IP65-certified faytech is water- and dust-proof. The 10-finger capacitive multi touch panel and anti-microbial coating help protect the tablet from harsh environments. The faytech industrial tablet PC has a large display screen and a long battery life.

An industrial tablet pc can be designed with a modular design and a standardized product. An industrial tablet consists of a computer and a screen. It can be a hand-held device or a mounted pc. The IP65 model features a waterproof and dust-proof enclosure and an IP65-rated dual-core CPU. Besides, the faytech industrial tablet comes with a specialized software package and an embedded cellular phone.

A good industrial tablet pc has a professional design and is extremely ruggedized. It has an overall compact structure and a professional heat dissipation design, and it can be configured with a Windows 10, IoT, or Linux operating system. In addition to the hardware and the software, industrial tablet octa-core processors provide powerful performance and low power consumption. The X10 is the most robust industrial tablet octa-core-powered model and comes with a full-sized USB 3.0 port. It has a rear-facing webcam and a 1.2GHz processor.

Industrial tablet pcs are designed for specific applications. For example, a Simatic ITP1000 industrial tablet PC is designed for simple maintenance tasks. Its features include a projective capacitive 10.1-inch Multitouch display, Intel Core i5 Skylake processor technology, and a Trusted Platform Module. This device is an ideal choice for remote access to plants and service operations. Its well-thought-out design can be used for operator control and service as well.