Tips For Bridal Gown Rental in Marine Parade SG

Renting a bridal gown may be a wise financial move, releasing funds for other expenses related to your wedding in Marine Parade SG. But brides considering renting must be mindful that there may be certain risks involved with their decision.

As part of your evaluation of competition, start by researching available rental services in your town and speaking to established entrepreneurs from outside your community.

1. Have a Napkin Ready

Renting wedding dresses allows brides to explore couture designer styles that might otherwise be out of their price range, and ensures they look stunning for their big day. Renting also enables brides to splurge on other elements they value such as an incredible photographer or relaxing honeymoon trip.

As with any major purchase, it’s wise to carefully weigh the potential advantages and disadvantages of renting a bridal gown before making a final decision. As an initial step, find several rentals that suit both your size and style preferences so you can make an informed choice.

Careful consideration must also be paid to your dress vendor’s terms of service, especially regarding which stains or spills are covered under your rental fee. Assign someone within your bridal party the task of steaming your gown on the morning of your big day–usually the bride herself should do this task!

2. Keep Your Gown Clean

No matter if it has been your dream to wear a wedding gown since childhood or bought it just for special occasions, it is vitally important that you take time and care in cleaning it so it remains as beautiful on its big day and for many more to come. Doing this will ensure you look absolutely breathtaking on that memorable momentous occasion while also maintaining its condition for future use.

Over the course of your day, you may come in contact with various foods, drinks and substances that could stain or discolor your dress. Be mindful of where you’re carrying, going and what touches it – always stay aware.

When it comes to storing your gown, make sure you do it in an environment free from humidity. Excess moisture can lead to mold, mildew and discoloration while extreme temperature variations in an attic or basement may cause your dress to wrinkle or shrink over time.

3. Tuck Your Napkin Into Your Gown

Pro: Renting your gown saves money that could otherwise go towards something you may only wear once; use that saved cash towards other wedding-related expenses, like music and flowers.

Pro: Renting may mean forgoing the option to keep or pass down their dress as keepsake or gift to future brides, which may be a deal breaker for some women. Plus, rental services often have limited size options available so make sure to follow their return policies to ensure a dress fits properly!

Put out your napkin (we chose Madeline Weinrib’s Gemma Block-Print from Madeline Weinrib), face down. Fold the top and bottom edges in toward each other so they meet in the center, creating a square. Grabping both corners from above, flip your napkin over, then scrunch inward towards the middle to form two scrunched triangles.

4. Keep Your Gown Dry

Many brides feel at ease renting their gown for various reasons, including not being able to afford an expensive dress and/or wanting to be more environmentally conscious. Renting also alleviates any liability related to potential damage occurring after their big day.

Before storing your gown, ensure it is completely dry. Ideally, it should be stored in a dark room with consistent temperatures – attic or basement storage areas often experience extreme temperature swings that could discolor or stain the fabric.

When storing your gown, be sure to place acid-free tissue paper between each fold to keep it from becoming creased or distorted over time. In addition, avoid hanging it from a light fixture or ceiling fan as this could warp or even burn it; and avoid keeping it in direct sunlight as this could fade or discolor its fabric.