How to maximise the first 30 minutes of your SEO Work Flow

There are so many work you can do for SEO. There is like a thousand thing one can do to move the needle right? After all, Google ranks a page based on over 200 factors. So working on any one factor inside your work flow should improve your seo rankings when time comes. We constantly do the work while waiting for google to calculate our seo efforts.

From my own experience, there are 2-3 things one should focus to best maximise our efforts. That is backlinks, content and customer conversion. These 3 would make a massive differences from your seo work flow.

Today, Chris from A Nerd’ World is going to share with us the best way to spend 30 minutes in our seo world flow for best results.

Find new keywords to target

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Keywords are where customers are. Consider each keyword as a territory. You have to conquer those territory so that your customers can see you.

To immediately find a list of potential keywords, you can look into your competitors’ keywords. They are in your niche so the keywords will be relevant. Look specifically into those who are ranking above you. They have likely done more seo work for their websites and thus they have more keyword territory. You can immediately get a whole bunch of keyword territory as target.

Once you secured a list of keyword list, add them into your workflow.

Create Landing Pages, blog posts for the New Keywords

With a list of keywords, you have to build the army now. They are your landing pages or blog posts. Keywords are divided primarily into 2 types. Information and commercial. The first belongs to blog posts and the latter belongs to landing pages. Not to say you can’t mix them but the commercial keyword requires more work.

They are “buying” keywords and your prospects are likely in the buying mood. They want to buy something and that’s why they typing in the “buying” keywords. You want to guide them through a series of sales ladder to keep them warm and on your site. Diverting them around the entire site without guiding them might make them cold and bump them out.

Measuring your competitors using on page and off page

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This is the most valuable task out of your seo workflow. You need to measure the gap between your competitors and you. Then you need to implement an action plan to bridge this gap.

For onpage, we are talking about word count, keyword density and supporting pages. If your competitor has over 2000 words, 5% keyword density for your target keyword and 10 supporting pages linking back, those numbers will be our target.

For offpage, we are talking about backlinks and social share in some cases. We look at their backlinking velocity over a certain period of time and try to imitate this pattern.

Stealing your competitors backlinks

Once you understand how strong your competitors are, you can then schedule your seo campaign accordingly.

If they are ahead of you by 100 backlinks, then you need to allocate a portion of budget to backlinking for the month. Example you could reach out for 10 backlinks a month and do it for 10 months. It depends on your budget and other resources. You could do it yourself or outsource this to other agency.

Also learn how to optimize seo for hotel, dentist, automotive, manufacturer and home builders. Learning the seo work flow for different industry will help you greatly with any market .

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