5 Reasons For Crane Installation Services in Ang Mo Kio SG

Reasons For Crane Installation Services

Overhead cranes offer an efficient, cost-effective, and safe means of moving loads more quickly, cost-effectively, and safely than other means. Their use can save significant amounts of time and effort when compared with transporting heavy equipment down aisles or across floors.

Crane installation professionals in Ang Mo Kio SG begin their installation processes by carefully considering the area that will be affected. They often rope off this area so they have free and clear ground access for their trucks and cranes.


Overhead cranes can be dangerous tools for workers who operate them or those around them, with accidents involving cranes being one of the leading causes of death in construction. To reduce risks and mitigate potential hazards associated with crane installation, crane installers should identify and mitigate them: this includes energy sources like power/conductor bars, gas pipes and lighting fixtures; any moving objects like forklifts, trucks/semis or personal vehicles present and any environmental circumstances where they will operate; as well as understanding any relevant environments where their crane will be operating safely in.

No matter where the crane will be situated – an existing runway system or new facility – the crane installation specialist will spend considerable time studying its destination area to assess it thoroughly before beginning their installation work. This may involve reviewing any approved drawings and building prints that provide span measurements as well as identifying any process lines, machinery, or structural supports which need to be moved during this process.


Cranes can make any project more efficient by eliminating manual material transporting costs, time constraints and physical injuries while helping ensure projects continue on time.

Before the installers arrive, they will conduct an in-depth job site review in order to identify any equipment or machinery that must be moved out of the way for crane installation. They also want to learn more about how trucks and flatbeds will access your facility – for instance if there’s a loading dock present they may need the load rating information as well.

Preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your crane operating at peak performance. Following inspection guidelines and repairs regularly can prevent costly damage while adhering to OSHA and ANSI recording standards for compliance – saving time and money by avoiding fines or operational closure. As issues continue unchecked, their cost increases exponentially as time goes on – leaving problems unattended can cost even more and take more resources to resolve than being fixed as soon as they arise.


Your crane’s reliability is key to maintaining productivity and production in high-use mills, where its electrical components and mechanical elements can become subject to strain due to continuous use, leading to early wear-and-tear. Without regular inspection and maintenance, these systems could quickly wear out over time if left neglected.

Konecranes experts should conduct a Crane Reliability Study (CRS). During this extensive analysis, experts examine documentation, interview users and perform a full inspection. To maximize lifespan of your cranes, Konecranes experts offer Crane Reliability Studies.

A team of installation specialists will first take note of any equipment or machinery that will need to be moved during installation, as well as identify any hazards which require special protection or permits. They may also note any power sources which must be shut off temporarily during this phase, as well as verify span measurements per approval drawings, inspect runway beams for alignment purposes and inspect power sources as necessary.


Cranes are essential tools on work sites, and their reliability is crucial to productivity. Improper maintenance could result in major repair bills and increased downtime, so preventive care is the best way to avoid expensive issues.

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Maintaining daily crane inspections is one of the easiest ways to identify potential issues before they become serious. Inspections should include looking out for signs of wear and tear such as misalignment or leaning in any direction. Furthermore, it’s also crucial that maximum safe load capacities be calculated regularly so adjustments can be made as necessary.

Preparing the installation site involves clearing it of any unnecessary equipment or machinery, as the crane installation process could last days or weeks and your facility should be prepared. Be sure to inform employees beforehand about what they can expect during this process.